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Connecting businesses, connecting Scotland

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

One of the key themes in the Smart Village project is connectivity or our term 'connectedness' as this refers to all forms of connectivity not simply broadband or 5G!

This is a key strand within the suite of six-interdependent elements of a Smart Village. Although it is the most obvious, the web-portal is not all a Smart Village is with Enterprise Support and Digital Champions two important elements to support the local economy and the enterprise eco-system.

The web- portal can of course help business and enterprise connect with their customers and target group. This can be locally or across the globe to attract foreign visitors or those seeking to connect with your part of Scotland in some way.

At a community level there are opportunities to share information about events and services under a 'Whats On' or possibly as part of a resilience plan through flood warning systems and the like.

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Scotland is known for it's natural beauty across the world and we are pleased that we are connecting amazing parts of rural Scotland through the Smart Village network. We are working with communities from North, South East and West, to improve where they live and work by making the most of digital technology.

The project is also putting us in touch with similar initiatives across Europe and beyond. In following articles we will give an insight into how a Smart Village can help in different environments across Scotland and further afield.

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