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Digital cash boost for rural businesses

Scottish Government announced support for Smart Village Scotland stating;

Rural firms will benefit from £100,000 of new funding to expand their businesses and improve connections with customers by creating digital communities across Scotland.

Rural Affairs Minister Mairi Gougeon said:

“We want Scotland’s rural economy to support and sustain vibrant and flourishing communities, and to provide a range of employment opportunities for local residents. This new funding has the potential to achieve this and bring real benefits and growth to rural businesses.

“It is extremely important that we recognise and fulfil the potential of technology to deliver a diverse range of services and support. The Smart Villages Scotland project will prioritise digital upskilling and create a network of enterprise ‘hotspots’ throughout rural Scotland.”

Rural Affairs Minister -Mairi Gougeon visiting the GrowBiz offices in December 2019


Jackie Brierton, Chief Executive of GrowBiz which is delivering the Smart Village Scotland pilot, said:

“Over the past three years, GrowBiz has worked with more than 1,000 rural entrepreneurs in Perthshire and this pilot project will enable us to extend our successful peer learning, mentoring and networking approach to enterprises in other parts of rural Scotland.

“Using a Smart Village model, the project will work collaboratively with local businesses and communities, increasing the use of digital applications and contributing to an inclusive and vibrant rural economy.”


Smart Village Scotland is part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to deliver flexible support to rural businesses and is being delivered by GrowBiz, which specialises in community-based digital upskilling.

Smart Villages Scotland is a collaborative project and has received funding from Scottish Enterprise, Rural Perth and Kinross LEADER Programme and Perth and Kinross Council. The Scottish Government supported the first phase of the project with £60,000 of funding

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