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Digital Solutions

As part of supporting Smart Villages develop and evolve we look at 'Digital Solutions' that could help them achieve their goals. What widgets, plugins, apps and devices could help local enterprises individually or collectively build a sustainable local economy?

We are working on a couple of e-commerce solutions with communities and thought it may be of interest to see what other solutions are out there to enhance the on-site aspect too for when it returns. Project Manager Finlay Kerr had a discussion with Colin Munro of MiConex about some of the innovative solutions they can offer towns, villages and groups of businesses. This could be of interest to Development Trusts, BIDS and Business Associations.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to understand how this could work as part of your Smart Village or discuss other potential 'Digital Solutions'


Usually 'Digital Solutions' need to be funded from local budgets and are not included in a standard Smart Village Packet.

None of the services presented by MiConex are standard Smart Village services. To know more contact MiConex directly

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