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Meigle and Ardler Community Action Plan – Local Economy Session

The Meigle and Ardler communities in East Perthshire are holding a series of zoom meetings this week as part of the consultation process for their Community Action Plan.

Members of the community will be invited to vote for projects or activities that they feel will enhance their local economy and overall quality of life in area.

Normally, the voting event would take place in a village hall as a drop-in type of event for one day but due to COVID-19 this won’t be possible. Instead, the voting options are online over the course of this week. On Wednesday evening at 7pm there will be a facilitated discussion on local economy issues. Anyone with an interest in either a current or future business or social enterprise in the area is encouraged to take part.

Email to receive the link.

For more information on the CAP process and themed zoom sessions, click here.

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