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Perthshire Artisans Spotlight

Perthshire Artisans is the Smart Village where you can meet creatives living and working in the Perth and Kinross area and discover their individually crafted products and high quality practices. Each week, one Artisan is spotlighted on the platform, showcasing their work and inspirations.

Spotlighted Artisans so far are textile designer, upcycler and print maker Cornelia Weinmann, sterling silver jewellery designer and maker Kate McLaughlin, classical painter Charles Harris (whose new blog post on the pleasures of drawing is available here) and jewellery and hat designer and maker Izzy Gretton.

This week it’s the turn of Karenina Johnson, an artist who loves painting various aspects of Scottish life, from quirky, humorous landscapes to dark, brooding scenes, flowers, birds and, a particular favourite, bees. Find out more about Karenina and her work here.

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