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Rural Youth Project Smart Village Soft Launch

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Following a soft launch in late February at a Rural Youth Project ideas cafe in the presence of a government minister, the world's first Smart Village for young people is taking shape.

The three digital champion teams are working away generating relevant content to fill the news and updates, resources and opportunities map that will make this an invaluable asset and platform for young people in rural Scotland.

Smart Village Scotland have been working hard to ensure young people have been at the core of each decision made, to make sure it is current, relevant and sustainable. We are in the final weeks of website development where the members area and opportunities map are being finalised. Once these are completed and populated by the digital champions, it will go live in May.

Project leader Grant Murdoch says: “The platform that is continually being developed with digital champions and their networks will be filled with relevant resources and and opportunities for young people living in rural Scotland, giving them a chance to learn, collaborate and network with other like-minded people.”

If you would like a sneak preview of the site you can find it here at

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