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  • What's involved in becoming a Smart Village?
    Please discuss the concept with as many stakeholders as possible. Point them to this website and FAQ. Then make contact with us for an initial discussion with our Project Manager. Every village has the capacity to become a Smart Village so get in touch.
  • What does Smart Village Scotland offer?
    As well as offering a Smart Village portal, your community can benefit from business support through GrowBiz or the GrowBiz system. We can help find a local Digital Champion to manage the portal and liaise with us. Ongoing support is available for the Digital Champion. In the first instance we can help facilitate Smart Village discussions and the early stages of designing your Smart Village portal
  • What costs are involved?
    The basic package is free but if you have specific needs over the standard portal development we may need to pass on the extra costs. Please contact us to discuss your project.
  • How big is a 'village'?
    We do not use the standard definition of village on this project. We support small and large settlements from hamlet to town. Contact us for confirmation. We also support communities of interest - like minded individuals, businesses or associations working in a common sector or with common goals.
  • We are a cluster of villages, can this work?"
    Yes for sure, we are already working with a few clusters of villages as one entity.
  • Can we use our own domain name to point at our portal?
    Smart Village Scotland can provide a web address for your Smart Village: However you can purchase your own or bring your own, we can use that on the new SV portal.
  • Do we retain our content and images going forward?
    We have certain conditions around use and quality that apply to copy, images and artwork. We manage these during the period of time that we host your Smart Village however the original creator retains their rights.
  • Is it possible to integrate an e-commerce platform?
    Yes if you have an existing website or platform this can be integrated. However talk to us about your needs as more complex solutions may need extra work and incur additional costs
  • I am not on the Community Council can I still be involved?
    That’s OK, we want as many people involved as possible. However we will need a local entity that will be responsible for managing the portal in terms of updates etc. This could be the Community Council, Community Development Trust or Business Association for example.
  • We do not have any sensors or smart data is that OK?
    We will ask you what is the best information to share on your portal to make your village a better place to do business, work, visit, live and play. Some of this information may come from sensors or other technological devices. This could be weather, environment, traffic or footfall data. However other information could simply be ‘Whats On’ or ‘Things to Do’
  • What is the Internet of Things?
    This is the network of machines, devices and computers connected by the internet. A common example is a device connected to your central heating system which allows you to manage the system remotely via your smart-phone.

Smart Village Resource Library

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