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REDS is celebrating its first anniversary!

June marks a year since the start of REDS (Rural Enterprise Directory Scotland), which was created by GrowBiz as a response to the hardships and suffering many small rural businesses were experiencing due to the pandemic and associated lockdown.

REDS brings commerce solutions into the GrowBiz support offering through an online directory and gift card scheme, encouraging exploration and spending within Scotland’s small rural and island businesses.

REDS has achieved a great deal in its first year, with over 90 enterprises now listed on the Directory, 150 merchants able to accept the REDS gift card, and over £4500 locked into the rural economy through the card scheme.

For its second year, GrowBiz has decided to open REDS up even more and from June 1st it will become free to list on the Directory for any qualifying micro business or enterprise.

Find out more about how you can list your business or enterprise on this smart and connected community here.

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