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Top Ten Tips for Getting Back to Work

Here are our top ten things for you to think about if you're now able to reopen your business, or just want to be prepared for when you can. Of course, every business is different, so these are just general points that you can adapt to your own situation, and always follow the current guidelines and restrictions.

1. Carry out a risk assessment

Each business is different, so you’ll need to look at the current guidelines for your type of work and premises, then evaluate where things will need to change, possible problems and solutions.

2. Communicate with staff

Make sure any staff are full informed of changes you’ll be making and why. Also give them an opportunity to express their concerns and share ideas.

3. Consider remote working

This is still recommended if possible. So consider if any work can still be done from home or, if you have regular meetings, whether they can be done over conference calls.

4. Be ultra hygienic

You’ll need to do more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and items, as well as regular hand-washing for staff.

5. Stagger working hours and breaks

If you have several members of staff your premises consider staggering their hours so that are not all coming and going at the same time, and have different break times—especially if you have a staff eating area.

6. Put social distancing measures in place

If you have customers coming into your premises consider measures such as implementing a one-way system, limiting the number of people inside at one time, marking out two metre gaps for queuing and putting up signage explaining how to stay safe.

7. Install and/or wear protective equipment

If social distancing for staff really isn’t possible at your premises you could consider putting up protective screens and/or ensuring the use of face masks and other protective equipment.

8. Arrange contact-free payments and deliveries

Handing over cash is not a good idea just now, so see up a contactless payment system and consider offering contact-free pick up and/or delivery options.

9. Quarantine stock deliveries and returns

Many experts are advising quarantining deliveries of stock or returns from customers in a store room for 72 hours to make sure there’s no viral traces.

10. Let your customers know about the new measures

Your customers will want to know how you are going to keep them and your staff safe, they will also want to be clear on what they need to do. So make sure you communicate your new measures and systems well. Social media or a mailing hit is a good way to do this.

These are of course just suggestions that may help you to reopen safely. Before taking in any measures you should research the Scottish Government's phase 1 guidelines and rules here.

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